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  1. avenger

    SkyNET Mouse Helper

    Another benefit to the frontend is that all my games are displayed in the same place. Using a desktop icon would obviously change that which is inconsistent. From my experience, your "create shortcut" option did nothing other then launch vanilla DOSBox with no command arguments. No different then clicking the DOSBox.exe with nothing configured. And yes, I added all 3 of the correct file paths prior to the shortcut being created. It still opens a default DOSBox instance with a black screen and "z:" prefix.
  2. avenger

    SkyNET Mouse Helper

    I've already had the patch installed for a couple years and was running in overlay render. OpenGL which I used to run prior to trying this weapon switch mod just randomly cycles the weapons repeatedly until the game is exited so it's not playable. The "create shortcut" option defeats the entire purpose of using a frontend which is to avoid the process of having to use the DOS interface and manually enter commands every time I want to play a game. Ampshell doesn't provide an option to run additional programs prior to launching DOSBox. I tried to set command arguments in the game config to run your program after DOSBox launches and before the game is started but it's not supported in DOS so I receive the error "this program can't be run in DOS". I guess I'll just have to pass on this. Thanks for your time.
  3. avenger

    SkyNET Mouse Helper

    Hello, Is there a way to run this with Ampshell while selecting only the Terminator Skynet game without having to manually run the program first? I have tried to set the DOSBox configuration file to run the program prior to launching the game but it's unable to be run in DOS and having to remember to manually click it every time before executing Ampshell to launch Terminator Skynet is a pain in the ass especially if I were to come back to the game a couple years down the road and forget about it. I have gone through the Ampshell game settings and there doesn't appear to be anywhere to execute additional files prior to launching a game. I could create a batch script but then the program would launch every single time either Ampshell or DOSBox was loaded regardless of what game is being played which would also then stay open after DOSBox was exited until closed manually. Also, another issue that I experienced while using this is that there is a significant delay between when the mouse wheel is scrolled up or down and when the actual weapons switch on screen. Although not ideal, is that normal? Other then that the patch you created for this game is excellent. Cheers.
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