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About This File

This is the Jane's Israeli Air Force Patch V1.1. It is the latest patch available for the game.


The patch was taken from a genuine North American retail CD copy of Jane's Israeli Air Force.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Expert AI has been improved, and now presents a real challenge.
  • Wingman command 'Engage' A.I. has been improved.
  • The AI can now fire missiles after switching over to guns.
  • SA radar no longer appears on RWR after being destroyed.
  • Eject bug is fixed - the canopy and the ejected pilot no longer spins with the plane.
  • In multiplayer mode, players rejoin the session in their previous location (and not at the end of
  • the world).
  • The player now gets to select a plane before each training mission, when playing them consecutively.
  • The planes Horizon line is now projected more accurately on the HUD.
  • LCOS behavior is improved.
  • Gun bullets flight track is raised by 1 degree. They now fly to the boresite correctly.
  • Range is increased for gun bullets (1.5 miles instead of 1 mile).
  • Missile hit percentage increased (when not in easy aiming mode).
  • When not in easy aiming mode, hitting targets with the gun requires more accurate and realistic aiming.
  • The Lavi's engine power is decreased at high altitude and has more drag.
  • While taxiing with brakes on, the aircraft can move when the throttle is on full AB.
  • Rudder response is increased.
  • Roll and spin are improved.
  • Airbrakes are more effective.
  • In multiplayer, players now get the kill for shooting down a plane even if the pilot ejects.
  • In multiplayer, each players callsign is now displayed above their plane. You can now tell at a glance who you're shooting at.
  • The two highest settings of terrain detail are tuned for higher detail and less shimmering.
  • The terrain detail updates quicker when switching cameras.

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