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*Note: Password for the archive is 'pcgw'

This is mostly suited for 32:9 - if you use a lower aspect ratio the FOV might be exaggurated. 

Made my own patch for Visage as there's very little information on how to get this game to work in the field of view you want. The game's zoomed in for 32:9 users without any edits or with the use of the Universal Unreal Engine Unlocker. 

This patch resolves that issue entirely. There's no need to use 'UUEU' to get the game to run at a higher field of view. 

There are four different versions.

  • 90 FOV
  • 80 FOV
  • 70 FOV
  • 60 FOV

You still need to implement your own custom 32:9 / 21:9 resolution and you can do so by following this: 

Follow this path: AppData\Local\Visage\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor ( Access appdata by typing in %appdata% in your windows search bar )
and you'll end up seeing a file called 'GameUserSettings.ini which you need to open with notepad or equivalent.

You'll have two values you need to change.



Change those two values to your own custom resolution, mine is set like this:




Hit 'Save' and make it a 'read-only' file by right-clicking the file and going into the properies and checking the 'read-only' checkerbox. If you don't then any video settings you change in the game will reset the resolution and you'll have to redo this step.

Run the patcher after you've edited your custom resolution. 

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On 2/6/2021 at 6:39 PM, Crucially Ultrawide said:

Let me know if there are any improvements you feel that could be done.

Or if you want other FOV values as well. 

could you make an fov that matches the games original fov? So basically the items are a little bit closer


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