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These 2 save files allow you to start a "New Game Plus" playthrough of Spider-Man 3, since the game doesn't have an actual NG+ mode. One is for a normal playthrough of the game where Spider-Man switches between suits, the other is for a playthrough done entirely as Black-Suit Spider-Man.

Pick whichever one you want, then place it in the game's Save folder:

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Activision\Spider-Man 3

and rename it to "main_save_data", replacing the existing file (or back up the existing file), then run the game. It will start at the beginning, either with the normal suit, or the black suit, depending on which variant you picked.

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How can i edit the save file in order to unlock specific upgrades?
Say, i want to get the Annihilator at the beginning of the game, is it possible?, i kinda don't want to use new game plus files because having all upgrades already unlocked makes the game incredibly boring and too easy, so unlocking just one specific upgrade seems more fair.

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