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Found 3 results

  1. Version 3.0.0


    Note: This only plays on the original, non-Steam version of Half-Life (WON version). The Steam version does not have video playback on startup. It was completely removed with no way to reactivate it. For a version that works for the 25th-Anniversary update to Half-life, go here. So here is something a little different, an enhanced version of the classic Valve logo from Half-Life when it first starts up. I know most people probably just skip these, but I wanted to make this anyway. Small little personal project that I decided to make public. Improvements compared to the original: -Higher FPS: Now 30fps instead of 15fps. -Higher Bit-rate maybe?: Now ~2482Kbps, the original may have been lower but don't know the exact bit-rate. -Higher Quality Audio: I replaced the original, VERY noisy unsigned 8-bit PCM audio with signed 16-bit PCM with little endian. -Higher Sample Rate: Now 44100Hz instead of 22050Hz. -Music is now in Stereo instead of Mono. -Somehow slightly smaller file size. -Better, slightly more animated Logo: I did not do the animation, Valve did. The only negative here is that it is still 640x480 resolution, but I had to keep it at that to avoid the video from freezing part way through. The image quality suffers because of this also. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Details: Nothing was manually or AI enhanced/remastered, what you see/hear is all naturally occurring. Even the FPS. Amongst the files of the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer, is a teaser of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 (Which I think also plays at the end of Episode 1). This teaser contains a higher quality version of Valve's classic logo from Half-Life in 30fps and higher visual quality. I took that logo out of the teaser, replaced the audio with the official FLAC file of the Valve Theme from the Half-Life OST, manually trimmed and aligned the audio to match the original, converted it to the necessary codecs with FFmpeg, and here we are. I only take credit for simply mashing these two things together since both the video and audio was made by Valve. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Installation~ Note: Make sure you backup any already existing files. If you want to see it before installing, open valve.avi with Windows Media Player. 1. Extract the zip file in <path-to-game>/valve/media. 2. Click yes if asked to replace existing files. Personal Changelog: V1.0 Initial creation. V2.0 Adjusted resolution to 640x480 to prevent the video from freezing part way through. V3.0 Resized logo to better match the original size of the original logo.
  2. Version 2.0.1


    Same as this mod, but converted to WebM with separate WAV file for audio, to work with the 25th Anniversary version of the game, which restored the intro video support, this time WebM instead of AVI. Plus included Open Your Mind version of the intro alongside the original in two resolutions (720p Widescreen and 480p) The audio will remain played in it's lower quality due to the game used separate WAV file played through the Miles Sound System instead of the one from WebM itself. To fix the low quality audio, use MetaAudio with MetaHookSv, see the instructions here. Changelog: V2.0 Added 3 variants of the intro (Open Your Mind (both Portal 2/turning head and non-turning head version), and Open Your Eyes in 720p & Widescreen) V1.0 Initial creation.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    These files are the same cutscenes from the Spider-Man 2002 movie PC game, but stretched to look normal when stretched out by the game on 16:9 screens. Just back up your existing movies folder from the game's install folder, and place these .bik files into the movies folder instead. If using the DxWnd+dgVoodoo2 method to fix cutscene distortion, and using a 16:9 aspect ratio, the cutscenes should appear undistorted when you play the game.
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