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About This File

The game limits FOV between 70° and 80°.
This tool lets you set the FOV anywhere between 1° and 160°.

To use the tool, make sure you've run the game at least once, then close it. Run the tool, and choose which player profile to update the FOV for.

Then enter the desired FOV and press enter. I recommend either 100 or 110.
If all goes well, press any key to close the tool, then launch the game. Enjoy.

If you go into the settings, the FOV slider will be out of bounds. You can safely adjust any other setting without affecting the FOV. If you touch the FOV slider, you'll revert the FOV changed by the tool. To fix, close the game and re-run the tool.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Fixed the tool not letting users browse for a player profile when one wasn't already detected automatically.
Now attempts to locate Windows Store player profiles automatically.

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39 minutes ago, Rose said:

It needs a note to say that it only works with the Steam version.

There's a non-Steam version? 🤔

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    • By Keith
      Modding tool for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes which allows changing the FOV, uncapping the frame rate, disabling depth of field, and swapping character models.
    • By Rose
      I am not the creator of this script. It was posted to the WSGF Discord server by killer-m who is most likely its creator, then improved for narrower resolutions by Brandondorf9999.
      Install Flawless Widescreen Unpack the archive included here and copy the folders to the main Flawless Widescreen folder in Program Files Launch Flawless Widescreen and make sure the fix is enabled, which will remove the black bars and allow for FOV adjustment through the UI or hotkeys
    • By Rose
      The mod removes pillarboxing and adjusts the vertical FOV to match that of 16:9. The pre-rendered cutscenes will be unaffected.
      Use software like PeaZip or 7-Zip and password pcgw to unpack the applicable archive.
      For Steam & GOG:
      Get the patcher, launch it and target \Blairwitch\Binaries\Win64\Blairwitch-Win64-Shipping.exe or Blairwitch-Win64-Shipping-Win7.exe in the main folder.
      For Xbox Game Pass / Microsoft Store:
      Get the Game Pass archive, launch the game and follow the tool instructions.
      The mod is best used with DoF off. For higher FOV at 21:9, simply use the 32:9 patcher instead.
      Tested the Game Pass version at 3440x1440 and 3840x1080. The Steam version was tested by AlRayes.
      You can buy me a coffee here.
    • By Rose
      Unpack the archive (password is pcgw), then use the trainer to modify the game FOV in real time.
      Make sure to run the game first to let the program detect it.
      A game update will likely break the tool's functionality.
      Tested with the latest EGS version kindly provided by cheswick of /r/ultrawidemasterrace.
      You can buy me a coffee here.
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