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Bypass Humble Store regional price increase using PCGamingWiki's widget list


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Humble Store announced that regional pricing has now been introduced for Euro and British territories. Whilst this isn't a shock in itself (and something that Green Man Gaming implemented recently) it is surprising to see that prices mostly match Steam's regional pricing, which means that European and British users will be charged anything up to 30% more than what they used to pay under the US dollar pricing.However there is a silver lining: price changes only affect the Humble Store Store; widgets retain the US dollar pricing, confirmed in this statement:


These new currencies are only available on the Humble Store. Humble Bundles, Weekly Sales, and Widgets will remain US dollar only with one worldwide price.

Therefore if you are interested in buying something from the Humble Store and you're in a European or British territory, you can bypass the regional pricing bump by following PCGamingWiki's Humble Store list, which contains every Humble Store widget in the original, lower US dollar pricing.


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