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Cards, drivers, utilities, vendor specific tweaks


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After my adventure through EAX restoration, and this thread a question came to my mind:


how should we manage all those things like...

  • alternative drivers for sound/graphics cards (and relative issues and fixes)
  • vendor specific programs such as ati tray tools or nvidia ispector
  • a newbie guide about installing and updating drivers

should we join together similar procedures? should we instead copy inside different vendors page common procedure


and least but not least (i'm really fond to audio troubles) i was very thoughtful on where EAX restoration had better to go


in my opinion (when it will be ready) we could update the audio template to make "EAX support" clickable..

but i don't know if we should move the eax restoration to a proper article, if we should split the solutions for every different sound card makers, and if we should also include A3D in the same page (if the first option were chosen), or if this should need another page too


thanks for your opinions

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I think to cut down on stubs, vendor specific utilities should be put under the Nvidia or AMD GPU articles. Same for alternate drivers for graphics cards.


We should make a sound card article (if we don't have one already) and put appropriate alternative drivers there.


I think the installation guide would be best done per article, as then they can be more tailored to particular drivers instead of more generalized. 

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