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    • By Andytizer
      Please share it around and show everyone what our community is all about :).
    • By Andytizer
      In my last job I worked briefly with an animation studio called Prawnimation, who did a charity video about the hospice sector as seen here:

      It is likely that I will be going ahead with commissioning a short advertisement for PCGamingWiki in the same style as the above video, for around 30 - 60 or so seconds. The aim is to create a viral video that explains exactly what we do, helps spread the word about the site and hopefully goes viral because of how much humour we can inject into it :).
      I hope for this video to be the start of a new YouTube channel I have some plans for.
      Before our first meeting (Friday 30th August) I have drafted up a brief treatment for the animation, would appreciate feedback or ideas.
      VO or title: Ever had a problem getting a PC game to run?
      Character playing PC game happily (animated version of Mass Effect or something), looks really pleased/engrossed
      Windows error beep from Windows XP and Windows 7, glitching
      Dragging window, moving mouse left to right - Windows error window, drag around with trails
      Progressively more angry
      Smash keyboard - blue screen
      VO or title: Spend hours trying to find a fix to a problem?
      Character furiously searching Google, browsing through forums, scrolling through threads
      Sees words like ‘nvm I fixed it’
      ‘I’ll PM you the fix’
      Showing character’s face, progressively more angry
      Clicking links to download, but getting 404 error or ad-filled pages
      Maybe bluescreen again
      VO or title: Welcome to PCGamingWiki, which has one page for every PC game fix
      Quick scroll through some of our pages (log in to remove ads)
      VO or title: If you discover an awesome new fix, please add it in, no account is required
      Character has found a fix, now back to playing game happily, all thanks to PCGamingWiki.
      Show PCGamingWiki logo
      VO or title: PCGamingWiki, the website about fixing PC games
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