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Add list of games with online-only DRM + add list of retail games that are DRM-free


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I'll talk about the first list. We currently live in an era where that are hundreds of games that will only work through an internet connection, while this may seem as a non-issue at first glance since these games are usually to be played online, the problem gets noticed once the servers are shutdown. Some companies patch their games to work offline but others just supporting them without helping the community to host their own servers, so players are left with a broken product. This practice is called "Games as a Service", Ross Scott from Accursed Farms made a video on this topic if you want to check it out. A list is useful to let people know if they own a copy of a game tied to a service and it may be extremly useful for other users to know what type of game they're buying.

As for the second list. There are lists for DRM-free games being sold on digital storefronts, so why not add a list for retail games as well?

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For always-online DRM, it appears there's a list at this link, but the list had been hid so deeply away (It could only be found on https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Digital_rights_management_(DRM) ) that I'll need to come up with better methods to make it more available to find.

For DRM-free retail games, give me 35min.

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