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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Custom Patch Who doesn't know the annoying black loading screen and waitting when starting multiplayer (Or doesn't start at all) This is now history, no compatibility settings, microphone or other settings are needed. Features - No startup issues (e.g annoying black screen and waitting) when starting the multiplayer - No "Optimal Settings" message and changes when starting the game - No "Run in Safe mode" message and changes when starting the game - Play without/same key on server - No Intro Installation Copy the exe file into the game folder and overwrite existing
  2. 44 downloads

    How to install: 1. Extract files with your decompressor of choice. 2. Move files to game path and replace existing files. 3. The game should use this language pack from now on. Make sure to execute the game in order to verify that you have done everything right.
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