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Can someone help me with a cargo query?


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Hey guys,

can I get some help formulating a query to show a lis of games that are capable of at least 60FPS but not 120FPS, preferable ordered by metacritic score? I've given it a shot earlier and i wound up with this; anybody got a clue how to fix?


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16 minutes ago, sammy7912 said:

preferable ordered by metacritic score

The reception score is not queriable through Cargo, so that cannot be done sadly.

Your issue with the current query is actually a minor one; you haven't properly grouped the WHERE clauses. So the final "AND" clause ends up being a part of the OR clause in front of it. So you're basically querying for all games that fullfil one of these requirements:

  • 60 FPS = true
  • 60 FPS = limited
  • 60 FPS = hackable AND 120 FPS = false

The various OR clauses just needs to be grouped together using a pair of parentheses.

Here's the query with a fixed WHERE statement:

|where=(Video.60_FPS='true' OR Video.60_FPS='limited' OR Video.60_FPS='hackable') AND Video.120_FPS='false'
|join on=Infobox_game._pageName=Video._pageName
|named args=yes
|intro=<table style="text-align: center; margin: 0 auto; width: auto">
		<td><div title="Native support" class="svg-icon svg-25 tickcross-true"></div></td>
		<td><big>Native support</big></td>
		<td style="padding-left:25px"><div title="Limited native support" class="svg-icon svg-25 tickcross-limited"></div></td>
		<td><big>Limited native support</big></td>
		<td style="padding-left:25px"><div title="Always on (no native option)" class="svg-icon svg-25 tickcross-always-on"></div></td>
		<td><big>Always on</big></td>
		<td style="padding-left:25px"><div title="Hackable" class="svg-icon svg-25 tickcross-hackable"></div></td>
		<td><big>Requires manual fix</big></td>
		<td style="padding-left:25px"><div title="No native support" class="svg-icon svg-25 tickcross-false"></div></td>
		<td><big>No native support</big></td>

<div style="margin-top:10px"><center>Native support may require selecting certain settings in the game or launcher. Refer to the individual game pages for details.</center></div>

<table class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 100%;text-align: center">
		<th style="width:195px;">Game</td>
		<th style="width: 30px;">Developer</th>
		<th style="width: 30px;">Publisher</th>
		<th style="width: 30px;">Release date</th>
		<th style="width: 30px;">Systems</th>
		<th style="width: 20px;">Supported</th>


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