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  1. Wow, I didn't notice this post got so much attention. However I think Nicereddy has the best idea/solution to this: Exactly what I was thinking. A list you can open with all DLC listed, availability next to it (is it still available/was consol only/if available from where). It could be a totally different box altogether, so yes, I think that would make the list in the series box unnecessary. Would this be possible?
  2. IAmWeasel

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    Heroes of Might & Magic III - whatever happens I always get back to this game. It's just the closest thing to the perfect game. Trine 2 - Still fun in coop, although I know all maps by heart. Spectraball - Steam Roulett choose this one. Nice, little, short.
  3. As the title says, I would like this feature to be added to the Wiki. I am kind of a completionist, and it's hard to find any information regarding DLC for some older titles (for example Mass Effect 1). What do you think? Is it possible to implement this?