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"This game is not playable in English" (but it is)


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What's the reason for the "This game is not playable in English" warning in some games? Is this automated? I don't find that text in the source code. And the info is often wrong - two examples:
Both are definitely playable in English (also listed under "Localizations"), but still has that message. Any way to fix this?
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To say that the ongoing transfer from Semantic MediaWiki to Cargo has been a mess, would be an understatement.

Doing a so-called null-edit (Opening the page editor, changing nothing, and hitting Save), seems to work to resolve this, until the next odd Cargo indexing error occurs.

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This was due to an unexpected behaviour change with how the Cargo query was working; I have updated how the Warnings are generated to avoid this happening in the future--when the data is missing those pages will now correctly omit the warning (some affected pages may need to be purged but this should carry over to most pages).

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District Wars got an English release in India by Quixot Multimedia. While some of the games published by Quixot are bootlegs or fakes* this was not one of them. 






If I remember correctly this version of the game had a basic disc check, but not any kind of Starforce or Securom, Tages like DRM. 


You can find it if you want to... 




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