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  1. I think this fix works (if it's really working for some) on the US/North American version of the game (5 CD version). I have the retail European (DVD version) of the game and it's doesn't work (DLLInjector launches but not the game) Same goes with SH4, i have the European DVD version and I think those 2-3 widescreen fixes work only with the US version. Can somebody confirm it please ?
  2. maybe, anyway, the fix doesn't work for me, the game doesn't load (original DVD version) with it. Runs fine without.
  3. for me, it doesn't work, now my Windows 10 even says that there is a virus or unwanted file in the dllinjector.exe. Without these files, SH3 load fine, so the problem is not with the game or my system
  4. the fix doesn't work for me, I copied all 4 files in the game's directory, launched dllinjector.exe and both processes (dllinjector and sh3) are running in the background (task manager) but nothing happens, the game doesn't load. Without all these widescreen fixes, the game loads fine and i can change the resolution without issues in the options.
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