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MDK won't install on Windows 10.


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I have the original CD, not the GOG edition.

When I start the installer, six country flags show up to choose which language I want to use:


After I click on the USA flag, the installer quits to desktop.

I tried setting the compatibility mode to Windows 95, 98, XP and disabling full screen optimizations, but nothing seems to work.

Can anyone figure out how to fix this issue? I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS.

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Installation is failing because the actual SETUP.EXE used to install the game is 16-bit (which won't work on a 64-bit version of Windows).

Make a copy of the complete CD contents somewhere, and extract the InstallShield 3 32-bit Generic Installer into the SETUP\ENGLISH folder there. Run setup32.exe and follow the steps. You should be able to install the game normally.

This sort of workaround will also work for other games using a 16-bit version of InstallShield, but you might need a different version of the replacement installer (InstallShield 2InstallShield 3InstallShield 5). You can find out what version you need by going to the Properties for SETUP.EXE (or similar) and noting the file version listed there.

For MDK you won't need your temporary installer folder (the game will load things from the CD as usual), so you can simply delete it, but some other games might actually point configuration files etc. to the specific path it was installed from. In those cases you could simply make a semi-permanent place to store your fixed installer folder while you're playing that game, or correct whatever config file is looking there.

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Thanks Garrett, it works now.

Someone should post the above instructions to MDK wiki. It would be really helpful to people who are installing the game on Windows 10 from the original retail CD.

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