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I got Virus: The Game running on a modern PC

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The game is known to not work on modern computers, I've tried a couple times before but got errors when trying to launch on Windows Vista or later, and when running it on XP or 98 even a Pentium 3 runs the game way too fast for it to be playable. Today i had the chance to mess around with an Asus Transformerbook T101 with an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor and i thought i'd try some old games on it including this one and to my surprise the game actually started up, i could start the single player campaign and though it wasn't perfect it still ran "slower" than a Pentium M laptop from the early 2000s I tried it on before making it a lot more playable. If there was a way to underclock the CPU maybe it would've actually worked just like originally intended.


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Virus gets in-game for me without any tweaking, I had to install it in a 32-bit OS and then copy the game across (didn't bother with converting/wrapping the installer to 64-bit).

The speed is way too fast though like you found out, but that is fixable using DxWnd to limit the framerate.

1. Download and extract the latest version of DxWnd: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/

2. Right-click in the middle of DxWnd's main window and select "Add". Browse to and select the VIRUS.exe file. Name the profile VIRUS or whatever you chose.

3. Right-click the VIRUS profile that you just created and select "Modify" to edit it. Go to the "Main" tab, deselect "Run in a window".

4. Go to the "Timing" tab and enable "Limit". Set the limit to 33 msec to run the game at 30 FPS. Increase the millisecond delay to decrease the frame rate further if needed.

Limiting the framerate this way, makes it scalable to all types of CPU, instead of being relative with CPU percentage usage. Calculate the msec by dividing 1000 by the FPS.

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