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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 requires 150GB space


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System requirements for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 were released showing that the game requires 150GB of storage space, making it one of the largest games on PC.

Other surprising specs includes a bandwidth requirement, which is for Bing Maps streaming. Plus there is a requirement for Windows 10 1909 update, which isn't surprising considering that this game will release directly onto the subscription service Xbox Game Pass for PC and the Microsoft Store.

The game is currently in alpha and can be accessed through the Insider Program.


Check out our wiki article for future updates.

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Can you spoil us where are all this space is being wasted?

Is there really so much super high quality content .. Or are they seemingly unable to use any kind of modern/efficient compression at all?

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I don't understand why this needs 32 GB of RAM + 8 GB of VRAM, but it is supposed to run on Xbox where even the next one will have only 16 GB combined ? It makes Windows look like un-optimized resource hungry junk. Also having to install 150 GB data and then also need 20-50 Mbps Internet speed during play makes no sense, it's the same requirement like when you Stream the entire game on Stadia or something. Might as well just stream the whole thing in the first place.

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