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Another Request , this time for RE Engine Games and Wetness Shader disable or tweak

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this is another one on my list of must haves , noticed in RE Engine Games ever since RE7 that horrible wetness shader that makes everything look soaking wet even the interiors , which is NOT realistic and simply looks like shit , sure a wetness shader for rain , yeah , but everything else , no, so if anyone would be able to be either make a tweaker for the wetness shader for RE Engine games such as dmc5, Re2, Re3 and Re7 , or disabler, would be appreciated a ton for sure

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I'm not sure you know what you are talking about.
The specular lighting model in the RE engine is based on material properities, which is a physically based lighting model. (Of course some of it exaggerated to attain a certain look intentionally. FWIW even in real life cinema, the lighting is not at all true to real life. Everything is lit a certain way to achieve a certain look. Either in filming or post.)
And in real life you can have a lot of objects have the same kind of shiny finish. It all depends on how it's made. (Matte vs Satin vs Gloss).

What you propose would actually have to change the entire lighting model of the engine to ignore material properties and light everything differently than how it was designed. Not a simple modification.

RE7 in particular is the earliest version of this engine and so the lighting model is not as refined, but quite literally it takes place mostly in a wet, humid and damp environment where water would be a regular problem. Hence a lot of the outdoor areas are wet looking. Inside, some types of wood look more glossy but that's because the lighting material is based on a high gloss wood finish.(Though that doesn't apply to all wood. Different wood is lit differently).

RE2 features rain prominently so there is also a lot of wetness in those areas and the character models actually transition from a wet to dry state based on the environment.

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pardon? oh dont worry i sure as fuck understand what im talking about, the baby oil film applied to everything is VERY noticeable , hell even raZors RE2 ultimate trainer has a wetness Shader adjuster, so yeah im just talkin out of my ass here NOT


but thanks for someone finally replying in about a century or so , lols


aka best example would be for RE7 characters to be constantly pretty much having a wettfilm aplied to them throughout ...and yes even the interiors , noticeable would be the curtains as best example ,

and dont  give me the humid bullshit excuse ..no amounts of humidity will do that to interiors or a character , its just all very horrible done , far from realistic and needs either a adjuster or disable


dmc5 got same issue on its player characters.....and there aint no fuckin rain anywhere to drench theyre faces


once again this is NOT a lighting oriented issue! educate yourself before spouting bullshit , no offense there


request still stands, thanks 

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