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  1. pardon? oh dont worry i sure as fuck understand what im talking about, the baby oil film applied to everything is VERY noticeable , hell even raZors RE2 ultimate trainer has a wetness Shader adjuster, so yeah im just talkin out of my ass here NOT but thanks for someone finally replying in about a century or so , lols aka best example would be for RE7 characters to be constantly pretty much having a wettfilm aplied to them throughout ...and yes even the interiors , noticeable would be the curtains as best example , and dont give me the humid bullshit excuse ..no am
  2. anybody able to get this , really would love this , lots of commands are locked for tweaking
  3. Uh Huh ... i can see that nobodys got the skills to take this request on? nobody interested in killin this shit? do i have to beg , ill do so if i must
  4. this is another one on my list of must haves , noticed in RE Engine Games ever since RE7 that horrible wetness shader that makes everything look soaking wet even the interiors , which is NOT realistic and simply looks like shit , sure a wetness shader for rain , yeah , but everything else , no, so if anyone would be able to be either make a tweaker for the wetness shader for RE Engine games such as dmc5, Re2, Re3 and Re7 , or disabler, would be appreciated a ton for sure
  5. anybody able to get me a debug exe for shadow warrior 2 , since most commands for it are readonly , would be appreciated alot , and if possible for shadow warrior 2013 dx11 as well , thanks
  6. so after ive played through this game like 5 times on different systems in the past , would anyone be willing to upload a 100% completed SS Rank save with everything unlocked and completed with an SS Rank, would be appreciated alot
  7. man , love this , just needs weapon fov adjuster as well , its horrible!, hope rose can save us from this as well
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