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Pac-Man World 2 Widescreen help

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I've recently come across the US retail version of Pac-Man World 2 for PC, which uses the nefarious StarForce copy protection system.  However, there is a method posted on speedrun.com that lets you play the US retail game with a (potentially dubious) patch, so I was using that, and the game works like it should on my Windows 10 laptop.  I've recently come across this post on WSGF where Jackfuste has posted a hacked exe for the game, which is where my problem comes in.  When you start the game up, the title screen is black but plays audio, meaning the game works.  If you press enter enough times, it will take you to the introduction cutscene and first loading screen, and from this point forward the game will work fine.  However, if you save the game and then reboot it, you won't be able to continue your game since the screen is black, which can pose some issues.  So I would like any help to make this fix nearly perfect, perhaps I'm using a "wrong version" of the game?  Perhaps this is for the European release and not American?

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I just tested out this patch and it seems to be working perfectly for me, it supports any widescreen aspect ratio, though it requires you to have the cracked US version. I don't see what the problem you have is though, have you tried running the game without Jackfuste's patch and seeing if it does the same thing?

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Without the widescreen hack, the titlescreen appears as it should, but with it the screen is completely black.  I even installed this on my Windows 8.1 main PC, and the issue still persists.  To reiterate, this was installed from a retail US copy and the crack was later applied, and then I replaced the EXE with Jackfuste's modified one.  Was this by chance made for a pirated download version instead, and not for a cracked retail version?

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I used my own retail US copy of Pac-Man World 2 which I then applied the crack, then the widescreen patch and it was working as it should. Perhaps you might have to mess around with the launcher's graphics settings to see if something isn't working properly?

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Please don't tell me this is a "Works for me" problem...

Nothing I done changed anything, if anything now the game won't display anything at all.

EDIT:  I found out the culprit of the problem; I decided to go into the Bink folder to rename the three introduction videos so that I can skip them; intro.bik, logo.bik, and nvidia.bik.  This is why the game has a black title screen, however, if I let the game play at least one of them, the title screen will work as intended; however this issue is still exclusive to Jackfuste's fix, although the means to fix it are easy.  I thus reccomend skipping logo.bik and nvidia.bik, intro.bik is the shortest one you can skip.  So I figured it out, it was my fault, but thank you for your help!

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Impressive effort. The edges of the title screen look strange, since you're seeing out of bounds. The PC version has a few quirks from what I've heard. Like Pac-Man's metal transformation effect is different.

FYI the Japanese localization was only for PS2.

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