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4K Ultra HD and 4:3 games


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I was reading the editing guide and found this:

"Games with 4K support automatically have widescreen resolution support."

So there's no way to indicate in video settings that a game support high resolution (2880x2160) without having to assume widescreen support?

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It is because of how the tag was introduced, how it relates to the WidescreenGamingForum (WSGF)'s metrics, and because of what the row has for alt text:


  • msedge_2020-04-04_15-23-10.png


There have been multiple discussions of how to better handle that row due to "4K" 4:3 games which technically aren't 4K due to not having the approximate horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels, but still are basically relevant for that "4K" row anyway in all the ways that actually matter (it can run and function on a 4K monitor while still adhering to its original aspect ratio).

We've yet reached a proper solution.

One of the more convoluted ones that I have mentioned in passing is handling resolutions, aspect ratios, and scaling (both in relation to changes for the horizontal, e,g 16:9 -> 21:9, and vertical dimension e.g. 16:9 -> 4:3) all separate from another as much as possible. But for the occasional user as well as new editors (and even longtime editors), such a change could mean a much more cumbersome testing process.

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As I'm sure I suggested elsewhere

You can have "our" ratings describe universal concepts, as detailed above, and just leave overly specific cases (like the literal 3840x2160 resolution, and only that) to the WSGF ratings.

Some rewording brainstorm will be needed, but I cannot see any other way that could cover all and every scenario.

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