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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts ... centered HUD


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The HUD is spanned ... on the outer edges of super ultrawide ... 32:9

To fix it ...

  1. Download modified HUD.xml.
  2. Navigate to <path-to-game>\gamesdk.
  3. Backup gamedata.pak.
  4. Open gamedata.pak as an archive with 7-zip.
  5. Inside the archive navigate to Libs/UI/UIElements.
  6. Drag and drop newly downloaded HUD.xml to 7-zip window to override HUD.xml inside of the archive.

Run the game with a centered HUD.

I haven't fully tested it but it's looking good ...



Works for Multimonitor too ... although part of the HUD may be behind the bezel for some aspect ratios.


Big thanks to Suicide machine  for pointing me in the right direction ... 😎


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Hello ...
Here is a new HUD.xml as the game has been patched with MP and that added a small change to the original.
As I don't play multiplayer I don't know if this will result in a ban or not if used whilst playing in multiplayer.

I also realized I missed a bit out in my original post ... I am sorry.
I forgot to say where the HUD.xml should go inside the gamedata.zip
I edited the post with the correct info which was on the wiki page.


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