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  1. The HUD is spanned ... on the outer edges of super ultrawide ... 32:9 To fix it ... Go to the games installation folder ... *:\Steam\steamapps\common\Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts\gamesdk Backup the ... gamedata.pak ... just in case you mess up. Rename the ... gamedata.pak ... to ... gamedata.zip Download this file ... HUD.xml ... (at the bottom of this post). Drag and drop it into that ... gamedata.zip. Rename the ... gamedata.zip ... back to ... gamedata.pak. Run the game with a centered HUD. I haven't fully tested it but it's looking good ... Works for Multimonitor too ... although part of the HUD may be behind the bezel for some aspect ratios. Big thanks to Suicide machine for pointing me in the right direction ... 😎 HUD.xml
  2. I was just reading that having just started the tool up and came back to apologize ... my bad for not reading thoroughly. Thanks again!
  3. Dunno if it will help but I had to run it as administrator to get to to work. @Rose ... any comment on my earlier post about F5 only removing the bars from the sides or is that the difference between F5 and F11 in order to get past that cut scene loading bug?
  4. Thank you Rose 🙂 F5 only removes the side bars for me ... 32:9. F11 removes both the side bars and the bars at the top and bottom. On another note and I don't think it is anything to do with your Fix Rose ... My map is squashed unless I run the game in Borderless Window mode, is that norm for everyone else?
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