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pcgamingwiki.com is not available in Russia


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9 minutes ago, Fedor said: is totally blocked by Roskomnadzor (Russian Content Censorship)

Any solutions without using VPN?



Unfortunately, if Roskomnadzor blocked it, there's no legit way excluding VPN you'll be able to visit the wiki. By the way, the Russians are testing RuNet and plan to use it to block Russia from the world's internet.

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You can use "FireX Proxy" firefox addon or similar ones.

PCGW just recently changed its IP to which has been already blocked since April 2018.
It's about Telegram blocking, so I don't think this ban can be easily lifted. Unless PCGW introduces additional IPs from other ranges.

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16 hours ago, Aemony said:

A possible solution is in the pipeline for testing, and involves using CloudFlare as a proxy that's able to be accessed from Russia. Someone will post as soon as we have more information (or you can join us on the Discord to get live updates).

It is good to know that site can be available without VPN.

4 hours ago, otherlawliet said:

Works fine for me. I'm from Vladivostok. My friends can access from Saint-Petersburg too. So it's problem with your provider. 

Some ISPs haven't blocked this IP yet.
However, they should block it in the near future as this IP is on the blocking list.


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15 hours ago, Vlad 54rus said:

I also tried accessing it with opera mini on android, but it says "308 Permanent Redirect".

Previously the wiki was hosted on "pcgamingwiki.com", but along with the migration it was moved to "www.pcgamingwiki.com" to prevent cookies from traversing subdomains.

The "308 Permanent Redirect" responses should only be active on "pcgamingwiki.com" as it tries to funnel users over to "www.pcgamingwiki.com".

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