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GRID 2 abruptly delisted from Steam


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The Codemasters-developed racer GRID 2 has been removed for sale on Steam. No prior announcements, or public acknowledgment from Codemasters has been released on the matter. There is simply a notice on the store page, stating:

Notice: At the request of the publisher, GRID 2 is no longer available for sale on Steam.

Curiously, GRID 2's demo is still seemingly available for download on the store page.

This is not the first Codemasters racing game to be delisted. In the past few years, DiRT 3, F1 2013, and the original Grid have been delisted from Steam and GOG.

Earlier in May 2019, Codemasters and Humble Bundle had teamed up to giveaway copies of GRID 2 for a twenty-four hour period.  Perhaps this was an indicator of the title's impending fate.

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I'm really started to get mad with this trend of games disappearing like that. Like I wanted Deadpool, and had to jump through hoops to get it, and I still can't get the DLC because someone refuses to sell the DLC to me. Now you have to restore to pirating games, which can be risky in of itself. Its really starting to get angering to deal with this.

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