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Replace "EAX support" with "3D Sound"

Mr. Doomguy

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Oh look, that's me.
It has nothing necessarily to do with 3D or HRTF (for as much eventually, every reverb EAX adds may contribute to the illusion for example)

Anyway, long story short is that the eax "row" originated way before we had the middleware/api proprieties.
It could even make sense to move everything there then.. But I must say I'm not totally sold to the idea.

I mean.. Nowadays who the hell cares? API is almost always XAudio2 - "encyclopedic" would be almost an overstatement of its importance.
Rightly, it's in the other information table.

But assume we were talking about DirectSound, Aureal or even OpenAL?
In that case a link to sound card glossary is mandatory.
And it would totally deserve a place in the main audio settings section (especially given the usual connection between this and surround)

In the past I had just suggested to rename the field's name.. I wouldn't know now.
Maybe a good first start could be resuming the "what's even in a middleware" discussion.

See you all somewhen else

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I think having a field for 'advance audio api' or something similar would fill the role just fine. After all, NVidia and AMD both tried to push their own EAX alternatives just a while back and likely will push again for VR.

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