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Dual Tower - First Custom


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Greetings Gunpoint Fans,


First attempt with a custom level in order to get a proper mind for level planning, links, guard mechanics, etc. Hoping some changes to level sizing, zone sizing, limiting equipment (...gatecrashers), and elevator pathways will allow me to expand on the concept much further. As well, upon discovering a zone will darken the backdrop, I expanded the brown tower to encompass a normal zone, and, due to the sheer amount of decor, wall pieces, etc., used plus stairwell location, you will notice uneven spacing of the overhang as I chose not to shift either tower; supposed to be an overhang the size of the blue tower. Other than this and leaving the entry rooms a little barren (not much decor fits), quite satisfied.




For anyone interested in testing the crux of this level for me: the professional guarding the center objective is meant to force you to get the purple wirejack to close the door, and the only way I have found is to avoid his first shot, kill him, and then crosslink kill the sniper, but if there are other ways I would appreciate hearing about them. Too, ways to avoid the crosslink kill would be appreciated; I assume removing the less intimidating guards on the first floor would do little but solve this.


- Complete without gatecrashers

- Violence is difficult in many sections

- Additional wirejack for laptop access

- Multiple laptops

- Thorough decoration

- Back and forth design


Thank you, enjoy, and side note, does anyone know a way to change the circuit color of guards? Plastered guards with dots with no effect, literally covered them individually and en masse with no luck.

Dual Tower.lvl

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I really liked the underground purple section of the map. Overall it has good pacing. My only crituqe is that the first tower (blue tower) is far more satisfying in puzzle/avoidance than the second (brown) tower.


As far as your challenge goes, you can crosslink the normal guard's gun (in the room with the purple circuit) to the enforcer's gun (the one facing the professional just behind the purple vault door). Then, with the purple camera attached to the purple vault door, point the gun at the normal guard -> walk into camera's view (opening the purple vault door) and let the normal guard shoot. Which sets off the enforcers gun, shooting the professional.


If this is confusing then try this -


Link Purple camera to Purple Vault door

Link Red normal guards gun to Enforcer's Red gun

Point gun at normal guard so he draws his weapon but does not fire.

Walk into purple camera's view -> opens purple vault

Stop pointing gun at normal guard

Normal guard attempts to shoot -> forcing enforcer to shoot professional.

Jump on normal guard before he fixes his gun.


Obviously this does not thwart the need for the purple circuit box. But it's fun to do.

If needed i'll try to upload a screenshot of it in action.

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I'll check into what I can do for the brown tower. Thinking a professional near yellow circuit without the blue socket might increase this a little. Will think of something else.


As long as the solution requires access to the purple circuit, I have no issue and think your solution is brilliant. Certainly don't want to limit how someone could beat the level inasmuch as I do not want the majority of the level to be avoidable.


Thanks for the feedback.

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