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Posted 14 June 2013 - 08:55 PM

Originally this level was just a prototype to test out what could be done with elevators.
After some extensive polishing, I think it’s ready to be played (and hopefully enjoyed) by more than just me.
Any feedback is welcome.

If you liked the level but thought it was far too short, no worries!
I'm working on a much larger level that carries the spirit of this level. It will also look a bit nicer too. Maybe.

If you thought the level was a bit crap. Well then, ignore the bit above about liking the level and respond to this
post with a well-written critique.

HiddenTech is the name of my series. The goal is to have a learning curve of difficulty (similar to the full Gunpoint game) with this level as lvl 1.
So if you played it and wondered why there was nothing hidden, It's because there wasn't! Hooray! The "hidden" aspect of the series will come after this one.
- Trmofnor

https://photos-4.dropbox.com/t/0/AACbAYyIRIs31D71zAuTeGO3JMlJCGXfBwmHopzSV_mWdA/12/166898482/png/32x32/3/_/1/2/HiddenTech_Trmofnor.PNG/s09rLGH7cq-YmAACRa3x0dkPSPCE2K7eOdX82EfDOUQ?size=1024x768Attached File  HiddenTech_Easy_Trmofnor.lvl   2.66KB   99 downloads

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