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Custom Scenarios (WITH PDA!)


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If you go into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Gunpoint\Scripts, you can edit what they say. ( I use Win8.) When there is a number, go to that line. You can even add lines, but be careful. If you mess up it could crash the game. This allows you to use PDAs. I am not quite sure how to edit the campaign levels yet, but when and if I find out, I will tell you. This can lead to the creation of completely custom Gunpoint stories, which would be cool (Keep in mind, the opening cutscene is still the same :( I am going to try to contact Tom Francis and see if he can implement an entirely new feature: an in-game scene editor, where possibly you can upload sprites and implement custom levels to make entirely new stories. That'd be fantastic!

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Hey, cool find! To clarify for anyone else reading this that it wasn't very clear for:


When you open the files, it'll have the dialogue, and for each option you might choose, it has a number after it, which links to the response. This isn't terribly clear if you're using a text editor like Notepad/Word/LibreOffice writer that doesn't just have the line numbers on the left (like, say Notepad++ does)*. So for editing these, I'd obviously suggest using Notepad++ and alongside that, the way these are organized is a bit iffy at least on my end due to the naming convention.


ActOne1Brief is the first PDA/text message convo.

ActOne1Debrief is the second, after mission completion.


That's pretty much the format it goes in for each of the conversations, with the number after One/Corp/Police/Two/etc. referencing the mission it's related to. So:


ActOne1Brief/ActOne1Debrief: all mission one.

ActOne2Brief/Debrief: all mission two.


*-In case that's still a little unclear, I'd suggest downloading Notepad++ and just File>Open and browsing to the scripts folder to open them up and see what's up.


Example if you're lazy:

1. Person:

2. Hey stuff.

3. 5.


5. Them:

6. The name's not stuff!


Azhf, since you dug around and found this, I have to wonder, did you by any chance find where the secondary objective laptop text is stored away? I honestly only stumbled on to this forum and thread looking to find that out, but I haven't had much luck figuring out where those might be located.

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