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  1. If you go into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Gunpoint\Scripts, you can edit what they say. ( I use Win8.) When there is a number, go to that line. You can even add lines, but be careful. If you mess up it could crash the game. This allows you to use PDAs. I am not quite sure how to edit the campaign levels yet, but when and if I find out, I will tell you. This can lead to the creation of completely custom Gunpoint stories, which would be cool (Keep in mind, the opening cutscene is still the same :( I am going to try to contact Tom Francis and see if he can implement an entirel
  2. I am going to be working on a custom campaign soon, hopefully even with choices that affect your future! It will come complete with a story.txt file! I am going to release it as soon as I am done testing, and hopefully you guys like it, but these are all going to be my first levels. Sorry if I dissapointed you w/ the no download, but as of the time of posting I am working on it right now. I am hoping to have a system for beta testers later, once the first 5 or so levels are complete. I am hoping to add a whole new story to Gunpoint, and hope you enjoy it. If you have ideas you might want to se
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