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Royal Downfall


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[rimg width=800 height=600:3n8r5adm]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37129789/Untitled.png[/rimg]


Royal Downfall

This wasn't your usual paid expedition. This time it was sweet revenge.

Recently, you were looking for new clients when you were contacted by the elusive Prince Alyusi Islassis, a Nigerian prince, who requested assistance

in regards of transferring resources out of his country, Nigeria, in which he would reward you with a small fortune of four million dollars. Seeing no harm

in doing some legal work once in a while, for such a ridiculous price, you contacted him and offered your help. In order to move this money out of Nigeria,

you were forced to create a bank account in the Central Bank of Nigeria and transfer 100,000 dollars to it after which he would send over your reward.

Now it's been four months, you've been waiting for a response and it has become clear that you've been ridiculed. You've tracked down the sender of the email, time to pay a visit to the prince.


You can:

  • • beat the map with Ninja, Gentleman and Ghost. (Lightning is highly unlikely.)
    • beat the map with only one hacked circuitbox.
    • go rambo style and destroy all guards.


You should:

  • • Avoid using Gatecrashers, everything else is acceptable.
    • Plan ahead, you can get stuck with no way to get out if you blindly remove all default links.
    • Leave feedback.


Please note:

  • • Many of the devices in this level are on two circuits and this is a bit buggy but should work fine. Shout if you're having problems.
    • Being only my second level after my first one being scrapped due to lack of custom links, don't expect great work.
    • Yes, that professional is a Nigerian prince.

Royal Downfall.lvl

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I loved this map, it was just excellent (I managed to do it with just the one hacked circuit as well!) I hope you make more :)

Thanks, I'd love to make more but all my creativity is shut down by the lack of custom links. I'll still try to make new maps.

Seems good, but rainbow circuits confused me. Is it intended?

Yes, it is intended. I did accidentally stumble upon rainbow circuits and tried them out. Should work fine.

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The level was interesting, but there were repeated errors when I attempted to connect to security panels (was testing the limits of the rainbow circuits), and then random ones for connecting switches to switches and such; appears as though two colors on one crosslink is fine, connecting a red switch to a red/green object, but more than this on a full crosslink, green/purple switch to red/green object, for instance, has a higher chance of causing the errors.


As well, while none of the rainbow circuits caused me error, as I was able to remove all links without issue and manipulate anything in the level, the blue circuit camera, vault doors, and trap door surrounding the bottom most terminal are connected to nothing else (other than blue camera to blue alarm which has no link), yet the camera could be disabled with an infinite loop if you try and check the timing of all of the doors allowing only one slim way by coaxing one of the guards from a floor above the blue motion detector down which requires gunfire and therefore leaving guards up top to longshot the sniper which means having enough batteries and not disabling the mass of guards included.


As said, interesting work, but much of the level just seems to have guards and circuits haphazardly thrown in. Wondering what might be done with this underground bunker idea and different colored circuits with more precision to the pieces.

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