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Snail Fortress (Custom Level)


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Hey there everybody, glad to see some people are taking the initiative to collect custom GP maps before it (hopefully) makes it way to the Steam Workshop. I spent too much time on this map last night, but I think it turned out very well. Some tricky puzzles that require some out-of-the-box thinking, lots of reflex and timing-based sections, and the building kinda looks like a snail! The level is pretty tough until you figure out all the tricks, and it is possible to get yourself stuck or accidentally screw up some of the puzzles and need to re-load a previous save. Also, despite some protests to the contrary from the few people I let playtest the map, it is possible to beat the level without being seen or heard, it just takes a bit of thought.


(DO NOT USE THE GATECRASHER. You can't use it to beat the level, but you could definitely screw up a few puzzles.)




- Three primary terminals

- Two Laptops

(- Complete level without noise or being detected)

(- Complete the level in under 2 minutes)


Stuff to look out for:


- The "Zone" box for the guards in the 'T'-shaped tower at the beginning extends past the bounds of the building and looks weird when the lights go out. It doesn't affect anything, it's just a bit odd-looking.

- Sometimes, for reasons I have not been able to deduce, some guards sometimes start facing the opposite direction. It doesn't happen all the time, but it has the potential to make some map sections really difficult (sometimes impossible) to pass through a section undetected.


If there's anything weird or broken that you notice, please let me know.

Snail Fortress.lvl

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