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  1. Thanks a lot, man! I'm glad you liked it. Your screenshot made me smile - a messy crosslink screen is exactly what I was going for with this level. I have a few other levels up right nowif you're looking for more challenges (they're a bit more straightforward than this one, but still fairly difficult). Also, thanks for the heads-up on the glitchy stairwell. I thought I had spaced them far enough apart, but I guess not. I'll update the OP momentarily!
  2. ^ Uh oh, it looks like I uploaded the wrong version of the level as I know I definitely fixed the elevator in the most recent version. Thanks for letting me know - I'll upload the most recent version when I get off of work!
  3. DrG's Funhouse! GOALS - 2 Primary Terminals, No Laptops RULES - All items and upgrades are allowed. Though the use of Gatecrashers is discouraged, it won't make things much easier, so use it if you want. NOTES - This level is has a number of 'traps' which makes it impossible to proceed. These are intentional and meant to force the player to plan each move a couple steps ahead. - If you find a bug, please let me know. Otherwise, the level *should* run fairly, if not infuriatingly, smoothly. HINTS (Ignore these if you'd like a purer challenge) - Alarms can
  4. Synopsis: You are Dan the Pancake Man, former CIA agent and the proprietor of a newly-opened roadside Pancake Stand. After being open only a few weeks, your Pancakes have become renowned as being the moistest, most delicious Pancakes in all the land. Unfortunately for you, Jack Flap, owner of Jack Flap's Flapjack Stackhouse (the world's largest chain of international flapjack restaurants), has decided your competition is eating into his profits, so he's stolen your recipes and locked you away in his secret underground flapjack vault. After weeks of being fed nothing but day-old flapjack batter
  5. ^ Wow dude, good eye. Thanks for the heads up! Update for v2: - Fixed Handscanner in door - Fixed guard zoning in 1st tower
  6. GOALS: - 2 Primary Terminals - 2 Laptops RULES: - No Gatecrasher, every other item (and upgrade) is fair game. NOTES: - Level might be considered difficult to some people (I think it's more difficult than any of the story missions, but what do I know?) - It's possible to complete the level unseen/unheard. - It might be possible to completely screw it up so you can't finish, but a keen-eyed player should have no problem with it. Thanks for playing! Feedback is welcome. Faulty Towers.lvl
  7. That's actually fairly easy to do with alarms. Once you set off an alarm, the nearest guard (either in the room, on the floor, or on an adjacent floor with a stairwell) will run to it reset it and then start patrolling. Meaning if you time the alarms correctly, you could guide a guard anywhere (assuming the level is built for it). I'm actually working on a level right now using mainly that mechanic. As for OP's updated level i thought it was pretty cool. It wasn't particularly difficult (although I had to pause and re-consider my strategy a couple times), but it punished failure pre
  8. I 100% agree with everything you've said (especially custom crosslink connections), and I'd like to add these: - Multiple elevator lines and possibly some kind of guide to make elevator placement easier. Elevators allow for some cool logic puzzles but only being able to place one line of elevators per map really limits the possibilities. - Ability to place snipers - The ability to customize "Zone" size - There need to be Back Walls without shadows on the top and bottom of them. If all the stuff mentioned in this thread was fixed (which I don't think should be exceptionally difficul
  9. Hey there everybody, glad to see some people are taking the initiative to collect custom GP maps before it (hopefully) makes it way to the Steam Workshop. I spent too much time on this map last night, but I think it turned out very well. Some tricky puzzles that require some out-of-the-box thinking, lots of reflex and timing-based sections, and the building kinda looks like a snail! The level is pretty tough until you figure out all the tricks, and it is possible to get yourself stuck or accidentally screw up some of the puzzles and need to re-load a previous save. Also, despite some prote
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