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GOG.com Enhancement Project

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Details of the project are here: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWi ... nt_Project


As part of the first batch, GOG.com have kindly gifted us in Batch #1:

The 11th Hour


The 7th Guest

99 Levels to Hell

A New Beginning - Final Cut

Advent Rising

Age of Wonders

Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

Alan Wake

Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Alien Breed - part of "Alien Breed + Tower Assault"

Alien Breed: Tower Assault - part of "Alien Breed + Tower Assault"

Alien Nations

Alien Shooter - part of "Alien Shooter + Expansions", obviously includes expansions


These games will be made available in a new GOG.com press account I will make available this evening. If you would like access please leave a message or add me on gchat: andytizer@gmail.com. We will be providing access to a limited number of dedicated contributors.


Over the next 24hrs we will be rolling out the project and announcing it via our sitenotice and other channels.

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I've been speaking to Piotr, and future GOG.com review codes will be made available on an individual basis. Therefore when we get the next batch of games, I'll be posting them up in the Assignments forum for people to apply to. You are free to pre-empt me and post up multiple requests for ANY GOG.com game.

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Following a conversation with Piotr, GOG.com games are now added back into the press account where all future titles will be shared.


If you have access to the account you should be able to see a new batch of games. If you're interested in getting involved please contact me.

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I think this should be restricted to just staff or only trusted members of the community if they really require access to the press account. Only those officially affiliated with PCGW should be given access to prevent any type of abuse and risk having access revoked. I understand this may not happen anytime soon and the risk of it being abused is minimal but it is best to take precautions and show that as a non-profit community we are professional and don't simply hand out access to anyone asking especially since there is only one set of login details and no way to manage sub-users. If it does get abused the website as a whole would be responsible rather than any specific individual which means we may not be trusted with such access in the future.


Unless GOG have explicitly outlined who we can give access out to we should be very careful when disclosing account information to other users.

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