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Primal Prey (Problems


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You will install the game, everything is fine, but when I get in the graphics is fatal in the environment, and I do not know how to use it, I use windows 7


The game becomes unplayable.


please help


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Garrett has the right idea.  Star Wars: Dark Forces II had the same issue on Nvidia graphics cards that tried to use 3D acceleration back when the game first launched on Steam.


If all else fails, try a Software renderer (if the game has one).

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Put all the files in the dgvoodoo "MS" folder in the game's installation folder (where the main EXE is).


You can use dgVoodooSetup.exe to configure various settings such as removing the watermark or in cases where a game needs a specific video card etc. (many games will work right away without having to adjust anything here).

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Are you getting a dgvoodoo watermark in the corner during gameplay? If dgvoodoo is working the watermark would be visible (unless you disabled it in dgVoodooSetup.exe).


In case my instructions weren't clear about copying, you copy the contents of the MS folder to the game's installation folder (so the DLLs end up in the same folder as the game's EXE) rather than copying over the MS folder itself.

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That's great! I have made a wiki page for this game with the fix instructions. Other details are very basic.


A demo exists but I didn't include it on the page because I couldn't get it working (the bundled Real Arcade client says it has expired--this was originally used to turn the demo into a full version after purchase).

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