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  1. Question. From now on windows 10, I could install windows 7 on one of my secondary hard drives, without risk, that is, from my iso of windows 7 I tell it to install the operating system on disk E for example and thus operating systems are not mixed . Could that be safe?
  2. So, assuming that my current system does not work on a new pc. What do you recommend me? Install windows 7 on a partition next to 10 already installed on the same disk, or separately.
  3. I imagine then is there any way to configure to add in UEFI or not?
  4. It doesn't put that exactly. Said this
  5. Well i did a check and my current pc (win7) in Asrock UEFI Setup Utily. In other words, the hard drive should recognize it, right?
  6. Thanks for answering so quickly. Let's see, then that means that UEFI / BIO recognizes both disks and something like an interface will appear that allows you to choose which one to use?
  7. Hello partners. I wanted to ask you a question, although this time there is no fault related to any game. Currently I have windows 7, I intend to change my pc to a more modern and powerful one, which already comes with Windows 10 on the hard drive. My question is. If the new pc that already has win 10, I also put my hard drive with win 7. Will there be conflict ?, or when starting the PC it will automatically choose the system you want to use. Or did it require manual configuration? a greeting
  8. That was exactly right, thank you very much, I can enjoy the game without annoying mistakes :)
  9. Friend, I don't know how to use this program well if you could help me with some captures, I would appreciate it, Thank you
  10. Hello, colleagues, I am having a problem with the freeware based on the BBC series of walking with dinosaurs, the game works fine but the sky looks black costingly blinking. How could I solve it? I have windows 7, if you can try it it would help me, it's only 30 mb https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinosaur_World_(video_game) https://web.archive.org/web/20080424082242/http://www.senteacher.org/FileDetails/41/Dinosaurs.xhtml https://ibb.co/ngKYLyb
  11. Hello, I am currently playing these games but in both cases when I use submachine guns or short arms that I shoot many times they start firing incessantly, I have looked at the options and I do not see anything strange. any ideas? regards
  12. solved, closed topic, (it's in the mouse options) is a bit weird
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