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Mars icecream

100% save files

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For some reason save files are absent on PCGW, I honestly don't know a
single trustworthy website for downloading them. For example, completing
the Worms Ultimate Mayhem campaign can take over 20 hours and is required
for unlocking all multiplayer maps and customization items. I didn't
have the patience and downloaded a save file from dark corners of the
internet (a file host link in YouTube comments) and saved over 20 hours
in the process.

Can we have a new section for "100%" save files in articles?

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Strategywiki probably is a better place for this kind of stuff.

99.9% of times there's no "fixing" involved with them.


Worms: Ultimate Mayhem's (Worms 4 and Worms 3D combined) save file is a mean to unlock all levels for multiplayer. Worms 3D alone has a relatively long singleplayer campaign and to me not allowing save files, ever, doesn't make sense. There's no other way to unlock all levels aside from playing through the mundane campaign with braindead AI.


Sounds like a fast way to get a virus to me.


Save files usually are text files.

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I don't know, this is probably too much work and this wiki wasn't designed with this in mind, the StrategyWiki would probably work better.


In certain cases it would be nice to have though. I really have no idea, like I wouldn't mind having save games on the wiki.


Maybe you could put 100% save games under the Other informations header for a while? I really don't know.

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