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AOE2 Profile malfunctioning - Help!


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My profile has disappeared from Age of Empires 2 and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to restore it. My Age of Empires profile has great sentimental value to me as it was present during some important times and changes during my life. Games helped me through some tough times and were played when I was around people who I will likely never see again. This may sound stupid, but I have heard that the AI remembers and learns from the player and consider the profile itself thus to have an imprint of some people who will probably not be seen again. I was playing Age of Empires 2 when the power cut out to my computer. When I started up Age of Empires 2 again my profile was gone. I tried starting another profile with the same name but all the progress single player campaigns were gone! Oddly enough the saved games were still present.


I tried deleting the new profile and uninstalling the game with the "do not remove user related files such as saved games and maps" option on. When I reinstalled the game the profile was still gone. I looked in the folder and under the folder "learn" in Age of Empires 2 there is still a folder called matt.uh (matt being the name of my old profile). Oddly enough the new profile I have created "Matthew" has no learn file here. I hope this means that the profile is still in there somewhere and savable.


I have found another age of empires 2 folder in by virtual store appdata folder but this only contains the folders "data", "learn" (which has both Matt.uh and Matthew.uh in it), "Savegame" (which is not in the other AOE2 folder), Scenario and the files "player.nfo" and "player2.hki". In the virtual store Data, learn, player.nfo and player2.hki has been last changed just after the event. I have attempted to open the non virtual store version of player.nfo and copy paste it over its virtual store version and this has resulted in "Matt" appearing in the AOE2 game but the scenario progress in single player is still lost. Both player.nfo files look like gibberish.


Any help in restoring this profile, or information on where I could find this information would be greatly appreciated. If this is not possible any help in getting the old "learn" file to function for my new profile would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I use Windows 7.

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If a game stores saves/config in program files folder, launching it as administrator is always a must.

Unforeseen consequences comes out from mixing-write/read from there and Virtualstore.


I wouldn't know how saving system works though. Usually file names play a big role. Then there might be some specific hashing check or control mechanism inside file

If they look like gibberish, I can only recommend you to try to check them with a hex editor.


And please, keep everything in game folder.

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