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It's occurred to me that PCGamingWiki has never really had a social gaming event, even though we have a solid bunch of core contributors that spend hours hanging out on IRC and on these here forums.


I'd like to propose the idea of having a PCGamingWiki Gaming Event that is hosted semi-regularly, starting with this holiday season sometime between Christmas/New Year.


We need to:

- pick a multiplayer game (accessible, multiplayer, drop-in and out)

- pick a rough time period

- set it up and publicise!



My thoughts:

- I believe an EU timezone makes sense, e.g. 3pm or 4pm GMT is early morning for west coast USA and late evening for Australasia

- I think Team Fortress 2 makes the ideal game - we can rent out own password protected server, it's free, it's cross-platform, virtually unlimited players, it's easy to drop in and out, there is also MvM co-op mode

- other games I think might work - Rocket League (6 players), Left 4 Dead (4 players), Killing Floor 2 (6 players)

- we have our own Mumble server setup as well


Please provide feedback and suggestions - I will open up a poll once a few suggestions have come through and we can come to a decision.

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SPLATOON! Oh wait...

I mean if people on the wiki have a Wii U they could play it. Planetside 2 just seems like the better choice though, everyone gets to play, but I honestly doubt anyone will join this thing.

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