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DRM Status Complications

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Say a game was released released with a disk check, and then had that patched out later by the dev. Should that game be listed as using disk check in the DRM section of it's wiki page? This is the case with a lot of Unreal games for example. Since almost no one will be using un-patched "1.0" versions these days (in fact it's difficult to even find retail versions that aren't re-releases and CD check free out of the box), it seems to me like such games should be described as not requiring CD checks in the wiki.


And speaking of re-releases, the single "Retail" field strikes me as a little inadequate at times. Unlike Steam etc. there is rarely just one retail version. For older games there can be several retail versions, all with completely different characteristics. For example, all the legacy Hitman games were listed as having DRM (which they did originally, and even in subsequent releases), but there have since been re-released combo disks containing 100% DRM free versions of the games. Would it be better to have multiple "Retail" fields, identified by name and/or publisher/year, or just put that all in the notes for retail (which could become rather bloated)?

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Things would get pretty ugly looking with multiple retail rows. This stuff should probably be noted under the Version differences header.



Sorry if I can't give you a more complete answer, you should probably wait for someone else to respond too. But if you want to write this right now you could temporarily create a Version differences header on the Hitman pages.


I never knew they were DRM-free, so this is kinda cool to me.

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