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Co-Optimus Network table integration

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I'm thinking we should have some sort of Co-Optimus article linking ability in the Network tables (similar to WSGF or GG3D). They are the largest database around that deals specifically with the coop side of multiplayer and I think it would be a good addition to the wiki. Ideally, we can try to get PCGamingWiki links integrated into Co-Optimus articles via a partnership (or something along those lines anyways).


Anyone up for it?

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I think a partnership with Co-Optimus would be an excellent idea. Their database is, as you said, quite extensive, and their reviews tend to be balanced and well-suited to discussing why Game X is good or not so good as far as co-op goes. In fact, they even rank the co-op experience separate from the rest of the game overall, such that a game which has a great co-op experience may not be a great game.

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Sounds like a good idea, provided we can get in contact with them.

Check the publicly-available Contact Us page. The first e-mail is that of the site owner. If needed, the individual contact info for the site's staff is also publicly listed on Co-Optimus' staff page.

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I've sent Nick (the owner) an email and will be awaiting a response.


In the meantime, should I also ask other websites we link to to reciprocate? For example, we link to WineHQ and Steamcharts but receive nothing in return at the moment.

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I've emailed Steam Charts and Soeb is going to be contacting WineHQ.

Steamcharts? I've never seen that on the Wiki to be perfectly honest.


Edit: I didn't see the Steamcharts links too often on the Wiki due to working a lot with non-Steam games. I can't say that I care a lot about it though. SteamSpy would be a bit more interesting than SteamCharts to me. There's a whole lot more interesting data to look at, and the website is also a bit better. I never honestly cared too much about the players stats themselves to be perfectly honest. If it were me though I would probably only leave SteamDB and Wikipedia on the infobox, I don't really like how bloated or cluttered it can get.


Edit 2: The forums keep eating my edits, it's really annoying as I can't re-word things too well the third time, how many people click those links anyway? I also said something about, keeping less links on the infobox, if that would be possible.


Edit 3: IpBoard stop eating my edits.

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