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Digital distribution template


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These stores need work: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Category:D ... stribution


Individual store pages are great because each store has their unique quirks (e.g. Amazon.com digital games can be bought from any country, you can activate Ubisoft games on Uplay using a hack, etc.)


However, we should try to standardise some of the information, by implementing a new table - e.g. Template:Digital Distribution Table


Some things to checklist:

central client - does it have a client for buying?

patching - automatic patching?

standalone installers - does it offer as an alternative?

international/regional - can you buy or activate the games from another country?


Interested in hearing what else would be involved.

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Do we have a Digital Distribution Template page up yet?


Here are my suggestions:


1) Add a DRM category with 3 possible: No DRM ever (Desura), DRM occasionally (GoG?), DRM always (Steam/Origin)


2) OS' supported (Mac App Store is only Mac, Steam is all 3 OS', etc.)


3) Whether or not there are achievements as well as what they do (Steam - occasional unlocks, UPlay - credits for purchasing games)


4) General Information (like game articles, Home Page, Download page, Forum, Support, etc.)


5) Key Features (Big Picture in Steam, Old classic games in GoG, etc.)


6) Issues with the platform (Bugs, unsupported hardware/OS, workarounds)


7) Does it have Free to Play games? (Steam has them, Origin does not)This can be argued as useless, it really depends on if the community thinks we need it or not.

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