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Curation, like Steam tags, is deliberately designed to provide a positive reinforcement echo chamber ("Recommended By Curators"). The Steam tag system still doesn't allow tags Valve doesn't like (e.g. "microtransactions") so I wouldn't expect curation to be changed to accommodate neutral/negative information.


I'm not sure how useful this feature is for the wiki in its current form.

If you want a summarized list of "good/bad" games on Steam based on a technical standpoint (i.e. does the game "just work"? How many useful options are there, how are they organized, and how easy are they to access and understand?) that would bring further visibility to the wiki, then I agree with you. As repeatedly pointed out, curation on Steam is deliberately designed to tie into their positive-reinforcement echo chamber designed to keep users engaged with the service and buying products, and a "good/bad" list of games is counter to how Vavle wants to position its curation features.


However, what's wrong with deliberately breaking the echo chamber and providing a genuinely-curated and summarized list of the best games on Steam from a technical standpoint? If people complain about X game we don't have on the wiki being missing or Y game we do have on the wiki but is considered a technically-terrible game, then we can tell them "we only recommend games which has an article on the wiki and we have reason to recommend." I realize this idea is rather unpopular right now as it won't bring many people to the wiki or the curation page since we aren't racing the other curators to have every last game in our curation.


The way I see it, Steam's curation features are mainly useful to us for listing the best games technically which we have on the site. That way, if someone asks "what's the best game you have," we can reply "the best games can be found on our Steam curation page." Such a stance will make us stand out - even if the race to 100% never stops and never stops being popular - and will bring us a different set of people, one which isn't interested in the race to the top/bottom and wants some truly curated collections of games. It's just a matter if we want to 'rebel' against Valve's echo chamber.

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In my opinion, I think we should just use our Curated storefront to showcase the best games from a technical standpoint, no need to include games that are bad.


For example, The Witcher 2 has all the options one would expect from a good PC game, can be redeemed on GOG.com for no extra cost, and has a lot of free extra content.

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