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Found 2 results

  1. Thanks for reading this thread. As stated in the title, i could not launch Silent Hill 2 and 4 in my SSD. No issue to run in my HDD. Thread last updated: 20210404 0942AM Info about my storage: Disk 1: Toshiba Nvme SSD KXD5ULN11T92 > C Drive <- Windows 10. Clean install > D Drive <- Game installed in D drive Disk 0: Toshiba Sata HDD MQ01ABD100 > K Drive HDD is not installed physically when i installed Windows 10. The SSD is an OEM drive. Windows 10 is up to date. Game source: Silent Hill 2: abandon ware, Silent-Hill-2-Restless-Dreams.
  2. Version 1.0


    Instructions Install the game. Run my patch. Select if you'd like to play with AA. Select your desired resolution. Play. What it does - Copies the fixed exe over the original - Runs the resolution patcher - Applies an affinity (& 640x480 mode) fix, this can be uninstalled from "Program and Features" ("Add/Remove Programs" in XP) later, it's called "Silent Hill 2 Processor Affinity Fix", for example after you uninstall the game you may want to uninstall this too. - Auto sets the game to 640x480 (which is actually the resolution you have selected eg 1920x1080) and graphics setti
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