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Found 5 results

  1. Mirh

    Creative ALchemy

    Version 1.45.20


    Installs the latest version of Creative's ALchemy hardware DirectSound restoration utility. extracted from Sound Blaster AE-7 drivers.
  2. Because some older games require a wrapper to enable DirectSound features (surround sound, EAX, A3D) in post-XP operating systems, I was considering creating a guide dedicated to the subject so that it could be linked when a game required such a fix. Doing a little research, I found this (http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Sound_card) page that has a good bit of the necessary information but I can't find a way to manually navigate to that page through PCGW, I found it doing an external Google search; it doesn't appear to be in any list. While manually searching the site, I found this (http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Sound) page that also has some information regarding DirectSound restoration post-XP (in the Stubs section). To make this clear, the reason you would use Creative ALchemy, Realtek 3D SoundBack, ASUS DS3D GX, or C-Media Xear3D EX is because a game uses specific DirectSound features for audio output and those DirectSound features are no longer natively supported in post-XP operating systems. I would like to take related information from the sources above and consolidate it all into one area dedicated to DirectSound restoration. I considered making a separate guide but noticed that there is already a DirectX entry. I could either create a DirectSound entry on the DirectX page or create a completely separate guide. Basically, I'd like to relocate and add to the 'legacy audio effects' section from "Glossary:Sound card" entry to be under DirectX/DirectSound and possibly remove the information from the "Glossary:Sound" entry so as to not have duplicate information. Any input?
  3. so, i was editing medal of honor: allied assault page, when it happened i went to the http://connect.creativelabs.com to extend my knowledge about alchemy but.. the site is now down! (read this if you don't know what alchemy was) all the alchemy stuff, the games recommended settings and so on.. aren't on this planet anymore thanks to these guys i found out some links on the wayback machine (last update 2 june 2013) and on archive.is (last update 8 July 2012) here's latest official alchemy version too, thanks to a dump of newer creative drivers in short i think we should make a page for alchemy. there would be lot of stuff to write, for example we could include how to install x-fi. on. realtek too (so that not only soundblaster owners enjoy this) or write down some note about asus's GSDX eax emulation feature, available on their soundcard with modded realtek driver i can obtain EAX up to version 4, while with this last thing i have EAX 5 too :P and all without buying a single creative product this other user instead claims you only need to download the universal alchemy version to achieve EAX effects up to version 4, but i haven't tried yet for today i will be busy with RAGE (thanks to steam free weekend) so if you want to start rough out a draft.. your work will be appreciatied thanks everybody for the reading
  4. Version 1.7


    DirectSound Control (DSC) is a wrapper DLL which allows to tweak some function calls of games to Microsoft DirectSound (part of DirectX). It's NOT a replacement for DirectSound or any game sound engine. DSC allows to "work around" some driver- and application limitations and bugs. DSC can help you to enable 3D sound with games that disables this functionality by default. It can enhance the sound quality in many ways. Homepage FAQ
  5. 2,256 downloads

    This guide was originally hosted on Creative's site (http://connect.creativelabs.com/alchemy/Downloads/ALchemy%20Quick%20Start.pdf) and provides instructions for configuring the ALchemy software to restore legacy DirectSound 3D effects to older games in Vista and newer Windows operating systems.
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