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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    A Cheat Engine table for 007: Quantum of Solace, which allows changing the FPS cap in the multi-player mode. Tested with the retail copy of the game (with GFWL enabled and working). Note that this does not change the refresh-rate lock (whose value is 60) and that you use this table at your own discretion, I am not responsible for any (highly unlikely) bans due to usage of this table. BIG thanks to SuicideMachine for major help with this.
  2. Version 4.D


    L.A Noire FPS Unlocker is a tool made to unlock the framerate to 60FPS. This tool contains parts of Cheat Engine and may be detected by some AVs. Add it to the exclusion of your AV if this happens. The tool scans for memory values, patches them and shuts off automatically. This tool should work on any version of the game. Instructions: Open up the tool Start the game Press F10 to activate the tool. You will hear one beep when it starts, and a different beep when it's done Archive password: pcgw -- Original thread on Steam forums Link to the tool's Steam L.A Noire Guide page
  3. 92 downloads

    Cheat Engine table for TD Overdrive: The Brotherhood of Speed This table has the following features: Edit Both Player's Car Edit Opponent Cars Edit Location Edit Field of View Edit Cars Count Edit Race Laps Edit Stopwatch Edit Weather & Lights Edit Drag Race without Manual Edit Heads-Up-Display Turkish language support is now available Before using the table, please read the "README" file contained in the archive.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Cheat Engine table that manipulates the camera and time of day settings in Fable III. Created by jim2point0 at DeadEndThrills (archived).
  5. Version v1.0


    Cheat Engine table for Risen 3: Titan Lords. This table does not work with the 64-bit (Enhanced Edition) version of the game. Features include field of view (FOV) adjustment, free camera, time of day, and debug key enabler. For field of view adjustment press F1 in-game after activating the table, then use the plus and minus keys to adjust the FOV. This file was made by k_putt and was originally downloaded from Dead End Thrills.
  6. 1,480 downloads

    Cheat Engine table for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 made by jim2point0 and originally posted on Dead End Thrills. This table has the following features: Free Camera FOV Control Game Speed Manual Camera Rotation Fix Aspect Ratio Refer to the forum topic for details. A copy of the post text is included in the download.
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