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About This File

Author : Wobak

Original file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v2hhut4112nj9mv/Nolf2_WidescreenPatch_v3.rar



-Pick supported widescreen resolutions in the display menu.

-Set horizontal FOV in display.cfg, vertical, menu, weapon and cutscene FOV are calculated automatically.

-Splashscreen, Menus and HUD elements are scaled and positioned properly and dont stretch anymore.

-Automatic crosshair scaling and manual tweaking. Previously it had a fixed resolution and didnt scale at all.



1. Put the "WidescreenPatch" folder in "Custom\Mods" in the NOLF2 directory.

2. Run the launcher, click on "Custom" and check "WidescreenPatch"

3. Start the game, go to display and select the desired resolution.

4. Open the display.cfg file. If you havent previously launched the game with the patch enabled, the lines mentioned below wont be present and you can add them manually.

5. The line "FOV" controls the horizontal FOV,you can set it however you want. For 16:9 I suggest "90.0".


6. The cutscene letterbox scales automatically, if you are unsatistfied with the size, change the "LetterboxPercent" value.

7. Open then the autoexect.cfg file.

8. The line "CrosshairSize" changes the crosshair size.

9. The Line "RightHUDPush" can be used to offset the HUD elements on the right to the edge of the screen. For 16:9 "30" is a good value.

Enjoy the game!


Known Problems:

-With a large display width the loadingscreen text may be cut off at the side.

This is due to the text being scaled with the resolution and background with the FOV.

-With a larger display width Kate will freeze before walking and afterwards disappear.

This is because the user was not expected to see such a wide region of the menu.

-Some menu elements dont line up with the box they are supposed to be in.

This is because their positions are calculated differently. That might be fixed in the future.

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