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Cut/Paste from GOG forum.

sets up a toggle key for OTS walk mod

Autohotkey script:


XButton1::toggle:=!toggle ; changes between values true/false

#If toggle ; if toggle has value true, the following keys apply
#If ; reset context-sensitivity so any hotkeys beneath it will not be affected by toggle


modified copy/paste from AHK forum (credit: Exaskryz).

i used mouse4 (XButton1) as toggle key replace with your preferred key (read the AHK help file for key naming convention). i had previously input "p" as the walk key in-game after installing the mod.

if Geralt is moving when you toggle, you will need to momentarily release the "w" key before toggle will take effect. Also, if walking when toggle key is pressed, Geralt will walk with no key pressed, and run when "w" is pressed. pressing toggle then "w" (or toggle while running) will cure. 

mouse software may interfere with using mouse buttons as a toggle key.

Edit: Umm... forgot very important step. hotkey script must be run as admin.

Edit: Google - Autohokey script for the "Walk Mod" steam - (better script)


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