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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - AllShiguCameraMods

About This File

All Shigu Camera Mods for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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    • By MulleDK19
      The game limits FOV between 70° and 80°.
      This tool lets you set the FOV anywhere between 1° and 160°.
      To use the tool, make sure you've run the game at least once, then close it. Run the tool, and choose which player profile to update the FOV for.
      Then enter the desired FOV and press enter. I recommend either 100 or 110.
      If all goes well, press any key to close the tool, then launch the game. Enjoy.
      If you go into the settings, the FOV slider will be out of bounds. You can safely adjust any other setting without affecting the FOV. If you touch the FOV slider, you'll revert the FOV changed by the tool. To fix, close the game and re-run the tool.
    • By Fenque
      original url - http://www.d3scene.com/forum/warcraft-3-hacks-bots-tools/78163-advanced-camera-control-1-1-a.html
      How to use :
      Press Enter in game and enter following commands in it :

      /distance value
      /aoa value
      /farz value
      /fov value
      /roll value
      /rotation value
      /zoffset value
      /smooth on
      /smooth off

      Explanation :
      /distance changes Camera Distance (Default : 1650)
      /aoa changes Angle of Attack (Default : 300)
      /farz changes Far Z (Default : 5000)
      /fov changes Field of View (Default : 70)
      /roll changes Camera Roll (Default : 0)
      /rotation changes Camera Rotation (Default : 90)
      /zoffset changes Camera Z Offset (Default : 0)
      /default Change all to their default value
      /smooth on Camera moves more smoothly
      /smooth off Set default camera smooth factor
      Other Commands :
      /command char changes just a single command to it's default value
      For example /aoa Sosha changes Angle of Attack to 300
      Installation :
      Copy ACC.mix to your warcraft3 folder
      Credits :
      YourName for hooking chat function
    • By Wolfinston
      This makes the camera "static" meaning it won't shake, or move in any way, during the executions.
      This file was created by user: Markyevansy
      The resource1.glg file inside the "Static no red filter" folder was made by me.
      It is the same as the last one, only without the red filter present in executions.
      Meaning you'll have both, no red filter without any effect loss, whilst also having the static camera.
      This is compatible with both the original Manhunt 2 game, as well as with the "Extended Executions" mod posted by Megahoff.
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